KW - Combinatorial biosynthesis

2016, in press

Insights into complex oxidation during BE-7585A biosynthesis: structural determination and analysis of the polyketide monooxygenase BexE.
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ACS Chem Biol.

KW - Combinatorial biosynthesis

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Combinatorial Biosynthesis: The Natural Way for Structural Diversity

Examples of Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Pharmaceutical Natural Products

KW - Combinatorial biosynthesis, time-consuming and labor-intensive process- methods and tools in combinatorial biosynthesis, microbiology techniques being far superior

Combinatorial biosynthesis of medicinal plant secondary ..

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Combinatorial and Synthetic Biosynthesis in ..

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Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Legume Natural and …

Directed evolution, a powerful enzyme engineering approach, has not been widely employed on natural product biosynthetic enzymes. However, there are significant advantages of applying directed evolution to combinatorial biosynthesis. Compared to more conservative changes by site-specific mutagenesis, directed evolution approaches can potentially spawn more drastic alterations of substrate specificity of domains, while restoring the impaired activity due to large changes in substrate specificity. In contrast to only one enzyme variant obtained with every successful domain swap, directed evolution methods significantly increase the throughput of enzyme variants beneficial for combinatorial biosynthesis. Last but not least, directed evolution can be accomplished even when the enzyme catalytic mechanism still remains elusive.