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Haritha Ragu (formerly Haritha Manthena) moved to the United States from her native country of India and completed the MA in Psychology at WISR, with the goal of obtaining the MFT license. Her MA thesis was on “Hinduism and the Effects of its Interpretation on the Psychology of Asian Indian Women.” She found this study to be very revealing, as well as personally helpful. She has completed her trainee hours for the MFT license, passed the first exam for licensure and has now entered a Califonia State approved program offering a doctoral degree that leads to the State’s Clinical Psychology license. In the meantime, she has returned to India, and in 2010, collaborated with several other women of Indian descent from various countries, in starting a non-profit agency [ ] that provides counseling and support for women, and chidren, who face various life challenges, and especially domestic violence.

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The late Dr. Wayne Morris entered WISR after retiring as a Colonel from the U.S. , in which he nurse anesthesiologist. He had previously received an MS in Nursing Administration from the University of California at San Francisco, and an MA in counseling from John F. Kennedy University. While enrolled at WISR, he worked as a nursing consultant, nursing home administrator, and gerontologist. His WISR studies centered on leadership training and gerontology, and he wrote his dissertation on male mid-life crisis. He conducted in-depth interviews with men who were undergoing mid-life crises or transitions. His dissertation critically reviewed research in psychology and medicine, and also drew on literary and historical writings and commentaries on popular culture. Wayne completed his PhD in the summer of 1990 while he was critically ill, and he thereafter volunteered his time to help WISR’s developmental efforts.

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Mary St. Clair has a BS in Business Administration from Hayward State and has served in the U.S. Air Force. While studying at WISR, Mary worked as an office manager in chiropractic and acupuncture offices. Mary completed her MA in Psychology in March 2000 with special emphases on the development, psychology and treatment of marital and sexual disorders, crisis and suicide intervention counseling, and counseling with “at risk” teenage girls. Mary then interned at A Better Way, an adoption and foster care agency, to obtain the necessary supervised hours for the MFT license. Mary is now a licensed MFT.