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(Smolensky 1988: 3)That there exists a most general formulation of machine and that itleads to a unique set of input-output functions has come to be calledChurch’s thesis.

There are various equivalent formulations of the Church-Turing thesis

Indeed, Newell’s argument is undercut by the existenceof (notional) machines capable of generating functions that, givenTuring’s thesis, cannot be generated by any effectivemethod.The error of confusing the Church-Turing thesis properly so calledwith one or another form of the maximality thesis has led to someremarkable claims in the foundations of psychology.

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For instance, the claim that the universal Turing machine can do anymathematical task that can be done by any machine—aclaim very different from Turing’s—is sometimes referredto as the Church-Turing thesis.This loosening of established terminology is unfortunate, since it caneasily lead to misunderstandings and confusion.