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The human body has two main ways to keep constant blood glucose levels between meals: andgluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis is the synthesis of glucose from other organic compounds (pyruvate, succinate, lactate, oxaloacetate, etc. Most of the reactions involved are quite similar to the reverse of .Indeed, almost all reactions in glycolyis are readily reversible under physiological conditions. The three exceptions are the reactions catalyzed by :

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N2 - Written by world-renowned and best-selling experts, Nobel Laureate E. J. Corey and Laszlo Kurti, Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis offers an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the field's progress; the processes and tools for key formations; future development for complex, stereocontrolled (enantiomeric or diastereoisomeric) molecules; and valuable examples of multi-step syntheses. Utilizing a color-coded scheme to illustrate chemical transformations, Enantioselective Chemical Synthesis provides clear explanation and guidance through vital asymmetrical syntheses and insight into the next steps for the field. Researchers, professionals, and academics will benefit from this valuable, thorough, and unique resource.


The Logic of Chemical Synthesis Citation: Corey EJ, Cheng XM. The Logic of Chemical Synthesis.

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