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Once the molecules of water have gained implosive centripetal force in their spin- at the molecular level- they then function like an armature entering a permanent magnet motor- as they enter the super strong magnetic fields. The result is decreased molecular cluster size- AND increased solubility. This is the major key to why the Imploder Water- is of benefit to most any growing thing. The molecules have more relative surface area (ready for solution)- in addition to their increase in magnetic coherent alignment. This is perfectly parallel to why the gold atom becomes super-potent to biology in the mono-atom state. Also why your blood cells are stronger (more soluble surface exposed) when they stand alone- without clumping into slimy groups in your blood.

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Magnetized water has been reported to triple seedling emergence of wheat (Hilal and Hilal, 2000). Reina et al. (2002) reported a significant increase in the rate of water absorption and an increase in total mass of lettuce when treated with MW. Chickpea plants irrigated with MW grew taller and heavier than plants irrigated with tap water (Hozayn and Qados, 2010). The authors attribute this stimulation to an increase in photosynthetic pigments, where the magnetic water induces cell metabolism and mitosis meristematic cells in pea, lentil and flax (Belyavskaya, 2001). Additionally, it is believed that new protein bands are formed in plants that are treated with MW and that these proteins are responsible for increased growth (Hozayn and Qados, 2010). MW has been linked to increases in photosynthetic pigments, endogenous promotors, total phenol and protein biosynthesis in plants. (Qados and Hozayn, 2010 and Shabrangi and Majd, 2009).

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Taken together, this is a recipe for a water-jet cutter, or more likely a cannon, but a cannon where the bullet is a slug of water propelled by its own steam output. A tiny bubble will break out at the bottom of the water column, and the bubble will instantly fill with live steam. The water column will be smoothly accelerated upwards as the superheated water emits a downwards "exhaust" of hot water vapor. As the steam leaves the water, the water cools, but if the superheated temperature was high enough, the water would not cool below boiling.