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Capitalism allowedthese two men the freedom to buyparts for the first prototype computer. The freedom to seekout funds to set up a new company, develop production anddistribution to customers, is the American Enterprise of Inventionwhich we call Capitalism. Did Jobs and Wozniak steal from thepoor to become rich? NO! They borrowed money from aCapitalist, who wanted a return on his investment. They alltook a gamble and might have lost, but instead they won. Theyended up for themselves, their employees, and theirstock holders.

The emergence of capitalism is often mistakenly linked to a Puritan work ethic

The key to understanding modern history is that elitists had as close working relations with both Marxists and Nazis as they have with Marxists and Capitalists.

After World War II the world stage was changed.

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What has been completely ignored by historians, including Marxists, is that any clash between these forces cannot lead to a society which is either capitalist or communist but must lead to a society characterized by a of the two conflicting forces.

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While it is true thatthere are dishonest crooks inbusiness that can and do steal under Capitalism, there are also crooksand thieves under Socialism and Communism. Human nature beingwhat it is, people tend to be lazy. What can I get withouthaving to work for it. If I can steal it without having towork to get it, maybe I'll just take it. Maybe momand dad will just give me my allowance even though I didn't clean thekitchen like I was suppose to do. (Something for nothing! Wealways want the easy way don't we.)

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The idea that allCapitalist steal money from the pooris utter non-sense. Most Capitalist create money throughinnovation of new ideas, hard work, good investments, good businessdecisions and properly managing their assets.

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The lesson here seemsto be, when you own it you takecare of it. If it belongs to someone else, you won't takeinterest in it or care for it. But if it is yours to own, youtake interest in it and take care of it. ThePilgrims started out with socialism for the first two yearsbut abandoned it in favor for capitalism after two years, which workedmuch better.

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Under Capitalism,individuals own and control land,capital, and production of industry. Individuals are free topurchase and own their own homes, cars, furniture, and other goods suchas TV, radios, computers, boats, or any thing else you might want. Youhave total freedom to live where you want and what type of job fieldyou want to pursue. If you have an idea for a new business orinvention, you are free to pursue this without governmentinterference. Under this system you have the maximum number of choices in life. This is the ''from the .