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As with all punctuation marks, parentheses should not be overused. If you scan through a piece of writing and parentheses are liberally sprinkled about, they are not being used effectively or properly. A good rule of thumb is that making nonessential statements from time to time can be a good thing, but you shouldn’t overdo it because that means you’re not sticking with your main message.

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For instance, if you wanted to test standard input for the word"MATCH," and either add the word "BEFORE" if the match is found, or add"AFTER" if no match is found, you can use the following ugly code:

tee /tmp/file |
( grep MATCH /tmp/file >/dev/null &&
( echo BEFORE; cat - ) || ( cat - ; echo AFTER) )
/bin/rm /tmp/file

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If you save this script in a file called"prog" and typethe script will echoIf instead you executethe script will outputThe parenthesis are necessary, becausethe "echo" command does not read standard input.

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You can capture this by redirecting standard output:If the program might generate an error, you can capture thisby using the special combination">&." This merges standard error with standard output:This type of conditional operation can be enclosed in parenthesisto keep standard input flowing through the different programs.

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Parentheses may be used to surround words, phrases or even whole sentences that are relatively unimportant to the main text. But they can distract the reader from your main point. Think about deleting the unimportant text. If a sentence must contain incidental information, setting off the information with a pair of commas or a pair of dashes may be more effective. Also try placing the extra information in a separate sentence - with no parentheses.

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Place a period outside a closing parenthesis if the material inside is not a sentence (such as this fragment). If a parenthetical sentence (here is one example) is part of a sentence, don't capitalize the first word or end the parenthetical sentence with a period. But if the parenthetical sentence ends with a question mark or exclamation point, put a period after the closing parenthesis (here's another example!). If the material in the parentheses is an independent sentence, capitalize the first word and place the period before the closing parenthesis. (Here is an example.)

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If you don’t put -g here, Angular CLI will be installed only in the current folder, and it’s not going to be accessible anywhere else.If you’re on Mac, you need to put sudo at the beginning of this command to execute it as an administrator; otherwise, you’ll get permission errors.So with Angular CLI in place, now we can create a new Angular project using the following command:As you can see, we can access Angular CLI using ng.