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Alex Tsakiris: Now hold on Joe, let me interject here. I want to slow that down a little bit so that people can catch it because it is quite a profound set of parallels that you are drawing there in terms of its implication so what you’re saying is that if one traces the history that we know of that period we see the same parallels in the historical accounts to the biblical accounts and they only can lead us to one conclusion. And that is that the Bible was written in a way to point towards Titus as being the Messiah, which is quite controversial and quite revolutionary. The way you get there, again, is through this drawing on the parallels between what we know of the historical accounts and what we know of the Biblical accounts. Again, summarize for people how that theory really stands in terms of Biblical scholarship as we know it. Because it is quite a departure. It is not a complete departure and there are some other folks who have kind of gone down this similar path but you have really taken it to another level, right?

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We were taught about using ” this essay will discuss both sides and give an opinion on this matter”. I just found that its not good to use as a thesis statement. Can you pls give me an example of how to present this kind of thesis statement in my own original way. Thanks a lot for your help Liz.

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UBC journal retraction raises controversial question: Can an activist be a scientist? Chris Shaw insists that while he is a social activist on political issues, ranging from the Olympics to pipelines, any sort of strident activism stops when it comes to his research

I was practicing task 2 essay and feel fine with it….until I saw this article. If I begin with :
“Living in the era where advanced technology play significant role in the world, computers are expected to shift people’s role in various job field.”
as the FIRST sentence (it still less than 50 words in total with thesis statement combined), is it still considered to be overused/expression as per you said in point number 2 and 3?