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In the case that your implants are only a few weeks old, an En Bloc removal may not be necessary as there would be very little opportunity for contamination and very little capsule tissue built by your body in the first few weeks of having implants however any capsule tissue that is there should be removed by your surgeon and it is possible that capsule tissue can grow within a few months and we have documented that in the facebook group.

Avoid heavy lifting, constricting clothing or jewelry on affected side.

Hi their I am looking for a surgeon, I think my breast implants have ruptured & I need them out, I’m in terrible pain. I was just wondering if anyone knew if Medicare covered the surgery? If you could let me know, be greatly appreciated. Tess

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Recognition of early onset and proper care can keep lymphedema under control.

hello. i have nentor silicone implants. i got them in 2008. i have had shoulder issues/pec issues. they are under the muscle and i lifted heavy weights for body building competing purposes. this could be a really long story but i really hurt. I also feel like my left implant is stuck to my rib what the heck. and i have been thru numerous tests, pinched nerves…. ctscans, mri’s, my abdomen, shoulder, lower back, neck feels like a trap door sometimes. fatigue i cant go to the gym anymore. blood work is normal, lymes test negative. i am having issues in the woman department and trying to figure out if somehow related but the scary thing is I can relate. I also am quite broke. i dont know how i will afford this. or cant imagine how my breasts will look after removal. my daughter sent me this site after trying to figure out what is going on with her mom. my back scapula area has been wrong when i would work out (which i started doing about 2012/2013. any help/guidance, suggestions would be appreciated. thank you

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Hi Nicole,
Can I please ask what Dr. You used for explantation? I have an apt with Dr Susan Kolb at the end of October, but nervous I’ve read good reviews and a few not so good reviews. Just looking for direction.

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Please could you let me know if, once implants are removed (not en bloc) it is then possible to have surgery two years later to for a total capsulectomy?

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Hi Renee,
The real first step is explant. I would not waste more time on tests or doctors trying to identify what is wrong or prove it is your implants. Start looking for an Explant Surgeon. I will send you the Guidelines. Nicole

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Most plastic surgeons do not acknowledge breast implant illness in general. To do so is the end of breast implants and a large portion of their revenue. Dr. Sinclair does acknowledge quietly acknowledge that breast implants cause illness in some. Nicole.