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This effect suggests that myo-inositol is a precursor of the streptidine ring.Methionine stimulates antibiotic production in a synthetic medium but proves to be unfavorable in a complex medium.The γ- and δ-isomers of hexachlorocyclohexane inhibit streptomycin formation.The formation of streptomycin by washed mycelium was studied.

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Main studies on , especially , during about thirty years of the author’s career are outlined. 1. Studies on streptomycin biosynthesis using resting mycelium-suspension culture of revealed the following; 1) Streptomycin 6-phosphate is the final precursor, which is converted to streptomycin by a specific alkaline phosphatase, 2) Streptomycin 6- phosphotransferase contributes to self-protection from a toxic effect of streptomycin, and 3) Suppression of the phospholipid cycle of cell wall synthesis results in the accumulation of glucosamine 6-phosphate in the resting mycelium and the enhancement of streptomycin production 2. Genetic studies provided the following; 1) has two genes contributing to self-protection against streptomycin, 2) Pleiotropic mutants were obtained at a high frequency by incubating mycelium under stress condition for growth, and 3) Physical macrorestriction map of 2247 strain was constructed.

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2.1.3 Effects on enzymes and other biochemical parameters No information available 2.2 Toxicological studies 2.2.1 Acute toxicity studies Mice The oral LD50 of different dihydrostreptomycin salts was compared in male Carworth CF1 mice weighing 20 g on average.