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Begonia species exhibit complex stomatal
patterning and variable stomatal clustering,
which may be important for their physiological
adaptation to extreme wet environments such as
around waterfalls, and is a focus of research
in the Laboratory.

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“We think this feature might be more common than currently thought,” said Whitney. “Several of the Begonia species that we know have these photonic irioplasts do not look visibly iridescent—and we know that a wide range of other plants produce similar structures, but haven’t been investigated yet.”

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"This begonia iridescence is rather novel because it combines the light harvesting -- the photosynthesis machinery -- and the photonics in the same material," Whitney, from the university's School of Biological Sciences, told Design News.

Researchers found that the effect called slow light in quantum physics combined with increased efficiency in absorbing red-green lights boosts the efficiency of the Begonia plant’s photosynthesis by up to 10 percent.