This is called photosynthesis, which means "making through light".

More precisely, this ratio is 100 to 50; these are the currentbest estimates for the total amount of carbon, in gigatons, used andreleased in photosynthesis and respiration each year on a globalbasis.

In this experiment we were told that we would be measuring the rate of photosynthesis.

Please make sure that you have memorized the word equation for photosynthesis, and the balanced chemical equation if you are doing the higher papers. You can find these equations and an explanation of how to balance chemical equations here.

2) You cannot place a coefficient in the middle of a formula.

Photosynthesis need light to work, so light therefore should speed up the rate of photosynthesis.

Background information: Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is the process of autotrophs turning carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen, using light energy from sunlight.

which is the time for the reactants to be formed into the products.

If you have a brief idea about the required raw materials and the products of this process, you will easily understand the chemical reactions.

In photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is used as a substrate base for producing glucose and oxygen with the help of light energy and water.

Photosynthesis is the method that plants use to make their own food.

There are four things that are required by the plant before it can carry out photosynthesis, they are light, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide and water ....

Photosynthesis consists of two connected sets of reactions....

The three input components of photosynthesis-light, water and carbon dioxide-correspond to the three basic components of Creation as highlighted in Kabbalah: , (, ), and the (, ).

In the form of an equation, this flowis:

In the light reaction, the energy of light is captured by chlorophyll. Electrons are “knocked off” a chlorophyll molecule when a photon (light particle) bumps into a molecule of chlorophyll. The energy in this excited molecule of chlorophyll is used to split water into Oxygen and hydrogen atoms that are used to convert NADP into NADPH.

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NADP (Nicotimamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate) is a Hydogen acceptor. When NADP is converted into NADPH the energy from light is stored in this molecule and the electron is given back to the chlorophyll molecule. The chlorophyll molecule is ready to capture another photon.

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To be more precise, photosynthesis is carried out in the chloroplasts with the help of chlorophyll pigments.


This equation basically is a chemical representation of photosynthesis in a reaction form, which takes place in the chloroplasts.