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Hook up is easy, as long as you pay attention to wire type andlengths. Audio Synthesis cautions against using wire runs longerthan two meters, or with total capacitance in excess of 300pF asthis will roll off the treble. Keeping that in mind, I droppedthe little black and brass beauty into my system and let 'erbreak in for about a week before attempting any seriouslistening.

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As a sneak, I can report that after several weeks the Passionis working very well in my system. It combines breath-takingaccuracy with excellent dynamics (even though dynamics aresupposed to be a weakness in passives). Bass is tight, controlledand powerful. Highs are absolutely transcendent. Now, before Igive it all away, I better stop. I’ve got a new amp to checkout with the Passion, but, based on what I’ve heard so far,this piece is excellent. To quickly sum up, according to theGerman philosopher G. C. Lichtenberg, "Man is to be found inreason, God in the passions". I can’t claim that AudioSynthesis had this particular idea in mind when they named the"Passion", but it certainly fits, as it truly excitesthe passions with it’s exacting performance. God-likeperformance? Well, for the answer to that question, tune in nextmonth.

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surprised many at CSUN by announcing the development of a version of the ETI Eloquence speech synthesizer for Android. We checked in with Code Factory Sales Director Melanie Endres for a live demo and to learn of what else the company is up to in this podcast. Blind Bargains audio coverage of CSUN 2014 is generously sponsored by the