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It would be more accurate to assert that deconstructionists deny the value of literature, and assert that all literature is ultimately incapable of offering a constructed meaning external to the "prison-house of language," which always embodies oppositional ideas within itself.

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the antithesis deals with two parallel ideas, whereas in irony, when used as a literary device, the words are implying an opposite idea directly through tone or word choice.

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This article will show you the importance of Antithesis and how to use it.

means opposite and is used as a literary device to put two contrasting ideas together. This emphasizes the difference between the two ideas and adds interest to writing.

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By learning, practicing, altering, andperfectingthem, and by testing their effects and nuances for yourself, thesedeviceswill help you to express yourself better and also teach you to see theinterrelatedness of form and meaning, and the psychology of syntax,metaphor,and diction both in your own writing and in the works of others.

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APOSTROPHE: A literary device which consists of a rhetorical pause or digression to address a person (distant or absent) directly, e.g. "Save me ... ye heavenly guards!" (HAMLET); "O Come Sisters Three [the 3 Fates], come, come to me" (Thisby, MND, 5.1); "O my swineherd!" (ODYSSEY).From the Greek: “to turn away;” pron.: ah-PAW-stroh-fee.


Play with them--learn to manipulate and control your wordsandideas--and eventually you will master the art of aggressiveinstruction:keeping the reader focused with anaphora, emphasizing a point with anexpletive,explaining to him with a metaphor or simile, organizing your work inhismind with metabasis, answering his queries with hypophora orprocatalepsis,balancing possibilities with antithesis.

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When the writer's audience can beexpected to know the true nature of a fact which might be ratherdifficultto describe adequately in a brief space, the writer may choose tounderstatethe fact as a means of employing the reader's own powers ofdescription.

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DECONSTRUCTION: A movement in literary criticism which denies that literature has any objective, enduring, or universal meaning (cf. nihilism).The reduction ofliterary meaning to political motives, power struggles and subjective emotions.