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27/09/2012 · campbell chapter 10 photosynthesis part 3 - Duration: 9:49

BIG IDEA 3: Genetics and Biotechnology

Lab #4: Mitosis and Meiosis: Model Building/Rate Investigation

Lab #8: Bacterial Transformation: Bacterial transformation and

control of gene expression using pGLO plasmid.

Lab #9: Restriction Enzyme Activity

BIG IDEA 4: Interactions

Lab #10: Energy Dynamics

Lab #11: Transpiration: Rates under different environmental

conditions of plants.

Lab #12: Pill bug and Fruit Fly Behavior: explores chemotaxis

and animal behavior.

Class Meetings and Requirements

Our AP Biology classes are 55 minutes long and meet five days a week. A normal class period will consist of warm-ups, note taking, demonstrations, laboratory activities, model building, and question and answer sessions.

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Materials used in class

Students will be drawing information from the AP Biology text book, workbook, prior AP Biology free response and multiple choice questions, Biology coloring book, virtual labs, posted power points, and web pages.