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Antibiotics of the penicillin class are bactericidal and work by inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls. Penicillins are among the safest antibiotics.

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Antibiotics can disturb the production of biogas during anaerobic digestion. This study shows a systematic approach to understanding how the different bacterial populations involved in the final conversion of organic matter into methane are inhibited by 15 antimicrobial agents with different specificities and modes of action. The results obtained show the following trends: (i) some inhibitors, such as the macrolide erythromycin, lack any inhibitory effect on biogas production; (ii) some antibiotics, with different specificities, have partial inhibitory effects on anaerobic digestion and decrease methane production by interfering with the activity of propionic-acid- and butyric-acid-degrading bacteria,␣(e.g. antibiotics that interfere with cell wall synthesis, RNA polymerase activity and protein synthesis, especially the aminoglycosides); (iii) the protein synthesis inhibitors chlortetracycline (IC50 40 mg l−1) and chloramphenicol (IC50 15–20 mg l−1) are very powerful inhibitors of anaerobic digestion. The majority of the antibiotics tested lacked activity against acetoclastic methanogens, being active only on the acetogenic bacteria. However, chloramphenicol and chlortetracycline could cause the complete inhibition of the acetoclastic methanogenic archaea.

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Tetracyclines are protein synthesis inhibitors primary targeting the 30S ribosome. They are essentially bacteriostatic.

inhibits elongation of the protein, antibiotic/chemical agent inhibits normal nucleic acid replication examples metronidazole, binds to 30S ribosomal subunit examples tetracyclines, no glycosidic or peptide bonds form; weak cell wall result osmotic lysis, antibiotics and chemical agents affect bacterial structures or functions.

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Hygromycin B Gold™ is an ultrapure Hygromycin B.
Hygromycin B is an aminoglycoside antibiotic produced by Streptomyces hygroscopicus. It kills bacteria, fungi and higher eukaryotic cells by inhibiting protein synthesis. It has been reported to interfere with translocation [1] and to cause mistranslation at the 70S ribosome [2].

Antimicrobials that Interfere with Elongation Factors.

Aminoglycosides are rapidly bactericidal antibiotics which inhibit protein synthesis. These agents mainly interfere with proofreading process. Aminoglycosides are the only bactericidal class among protein synthesis inhibitors.

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Bactericidal antibiotics directly kill bacteria. For example, rifampin is a bacteriocidal drug whereas antibiotics that interfere with protein synthesis can be bacteriocidal or bacteriostatic.

BIO221 Chapter 20 Antimicrobial Drugs

T1 - Inhibition of protein synthesis in reticulocytes by antibiotics. V. Mechanism of action of pederine, an inhibitor of initiation and elongation