In this paper we mainly will discuss MSD of the lower back.

An applied research course with emphasis on evidence-based physical therapy practice including library and multimedia resources, research process, measurement theory (reliability and validity), research designs, experimental design principles, research ethics, critical review and analysis of research publications, writing of a research report and/or research proposal, and statistical concepts and data analysis. Throughout, emphasis is placed on clinical research pertinent to physical therapy. Prerequisite: Admission into the post-professional DPT program, or consent of instructor. LEC.

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This course is designed to provide the participant with an introduction to research skills culminating in a group Proposal of a bench study or chart review. The Proposal will consist of three sections: Introduction, Review of the Literature and Methods. The three sections will be developed through a series of progress reports with the aid of a faculty advisor. Students will work in groups to develop a research question about their daily practice that can only be answered by conducting research. This course will include discussions of the types of research data and the structure of a research manuscript. Students will have opportunities to read, interpret and analyze research reports and practice in writing critical evaluations of the literature as it applies to their research question. Prerequisite: Statistics LEC.

DIET 819. Grant and Scientific Writing for the Professional. 3 Hours.

The inferior alveolar nerve block has been shown to fail in 44% to 81% of the time (1).

This is an elective course that allows students to pursue areas of special interest under the direction of a faculty member of his or her choice. This course is designed to support students' learning as they complete their pre-doctoral studies. Investigation of special issues relevant to an aspect of occupational therapy practice will include study of pertinent practice factors. Students will complete special projects relevant to the practice areas of interest, such as an oral presentation, written paper, or case analysis. May be repeated for credit. PREREQUISITE: Permission of Department. LEC.

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Preparation of the written dissertation based upon original research and in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree. Prerequisite: or consent of advisor. LEC.

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Methods of theory development and analysis provide the foundation for the study of concepts and theories from nursing, anesthesiology and related scientific disciplines. Historical, scientific and philosophical frameworks relevant to the theoretical basis of nurse anesthesia are explored. The fundamentals of research methodology are examined including elements of design, measurement, statistical analysis and dissemination. The relationships between research, theory and practice are developed to create an awareness of how "best practice" resources support professional growth, competence and quality. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. LEC.

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A series of seven laboratory modules emphasizing quantitative methods and experimental analysis. The series of modules will be team taught by departmental faculty. Each module requires data collection, data analysis, and written interpretation or report. Instrumentation, dietary assessment software utilization and cellular microtechniques will be emphasized. Students will be responsible for learning one technique practiced in an outside laboratory setting. Student will rotate between the module sequence based on the number of students enrolled in the class. Prerequisite: and or permission of instructor of record. LEC.

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(1-6) An elective course to allow student investigation of special issues or problems relevant to applied research and/or practice, under the direction of a faculty member chosen by the student. Systematic coverage of current issues may include a research investigation or study related to pertinent sociocultural trends, practice factors, or emerging issues in service provision. Students will complete special projects such as oral presentations, written papers, or case analysis as negotiate with the faculty mentor. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student and permission of the instructor. IND.