3,412,111 describes the synthesis of alkenylsuccinic ..

ASAs are related to the class of polyisobutylenylsuccinic anhydrides, known as PIBSAs. In these compounds, the alkene used is . Such compounds are commonly used as reactive intermediates in the petroleum additive industry. They are reacted with to give the corresponding succinimides useful as s and deposit-control agents in lubricants and fuels.

The test plan for the alkenyl succinic anhydride category includes the following

An alkenylsuccinic anhydride (ASA) is a type of that is related to , but with an group replacing one . For most applications, the alkenyl group is C18 chain since it is intended to confer ity. They are usually colorless liquids.

with maleic anhydride to obtain an alkenyl succinic anhydride: