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We are a technology and research firm company with plants and offices in San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico. Advanced Synthesis Technologies is in a very strong position to respond to the complex requirements of industry; in particular, the increasing demands for adequate environmental protection.

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To achieve this we operate quality management systems that comply with the appropriate domestic and international standards. Advanced Synthesis Technologies is located in San Diego, California - the home of Scripps Institute of Oceanography and University of California, San Diego.

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Looking ahead, ongoing improvements in the performance of key enabling technologies, including DNA sequencing and synthesis, are likely to deliver significant further increases in productivity and reductions in cost over the next decade. Intensifying global competition among companies and countries providing sequencing and synthesis services, coupled with abundant technological innovation, is driving the rapid diffusion of new technology. In turn, the overall market for these services is growing rapidly and is likely to continue to expand at rates as high as 10—20% annually. These trends will have significant direct economic impacts within the biotechnology industry itself and across the economy at large.

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Technology is evolving at breakneck pace, changing the way we communicate, travel, find out information, and live our lives. Yet chemistry as a science has been slower to adapt to this rapidly shifting world. In this Outlook we use highlights from recent literature reports to describe how progresses in enabling technologies are altering this trend, permitting chemists to incorporate new advances into their work at all levels of the chemistry development cycle. We discuss the benefits and challenges that have arisen, impacts on academic–industry relationships, and future trends in the area of chemical synthesis.

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Lamberti polyurethane technology is internally strengthened by a close collaboration of the synthesis department together with the engineering and the applications laboratories.
The Lamberti polyurethane dispersions offer a complete solution to our customers ranging from film formers & binders products to thickening and crosslinking agents.

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Our synthesis method could provide a versatile approach for ultrahard film synthesis with precise control over the location of deposition, and the in situ method enables a comprehensive characterization of the film structure at all stages of growth.

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New enabling technologies, especially in sequencing and synthesis, coupled with the development of new approaches to biological engineering, have defined an inflection point in advance of biotechnological capabilities, and could mark the beginning of a new technology revolution in the economy at large.