Passive And Active Network Analysis And Synthesis

The modules available in these programs comprise: Passive Filter, Distributed Filter, Active Filter, Digital Filter, Switched Capacitor, and Zmatch™ (used for creating impedance matching circuits).

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"The umbrella concept of 'executive control' encompasses those cognitive functions involved in the selection, scheduling and coordination of the computational processes responsible for perception, memory and action (Norman & Shallice, 1986; Shallice, 1994)." [EF enables] "the maintenance of behavior on a goal set and calibration of behavior to context (Pennington & Ozonoff, 1996)." (p. 335; Ciairano, Visu-Petra, & Settanni, 2007).

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"EF involves developing and implementing an approach to performing a task that is not habitually performed (Mahone et al., 2002a). The early development of skills that support EF includes the ability to maintain problem-solving set for attainment of future goal (Welsh & Pennington, 1988), and encompasses an individual's ability to inhibit actions, restrain and delay responses, attend selectivity (sic), self-regulate, problem solve, be flexible, set goals, plan, and shift set (Senn, Espy, & Kaufman, 2004; Singer & Bashir, 1999)." (p. 569-570; Mahone & Hoffman, 2007)