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In your Masters programme, you will have to write assignments for most modules, as well as a dissertation of 15,000 words at the end. The type of writing that is required at Masters degree level in the Social Sciences may be different from the writing you have done either professionally, or in a previous degree course. These guidelines offer information on the characteristics of academic writing in the Social Sciences.

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This section explains the prewriting (invention) stage of the composing process. It includes processes, strategies, and questions to help you begin to write.

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Here are the main features that distinguish academic writing from some other types of writing.

Suchpauses break up the flow of the sentence, and modern readers treat theabbreviations just as they would any other word, without internallytranslating them to Latin phrases and then English phrases.

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Examples from your data, for instance the questionnaire you used or extracts from interview transcripts can be presented in Appendices.

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The term ‘argument’ is referred to in different ways in academic writing. On the one hand, it means a claim that is based on a warrant (see 5.4.), rather than an opinion that is not supported by any evidence. In an academic paper, on the other hand, it means the way in which you explain and develop your topic. In this sense, ‘argument’ encompasses: (1) a logical structure of your paper in which –sometimes- contradictory claims are discussed, and which enables the reader to follow, through signposting and headings, how you deal with the topic, (2) your critical analysis of existing literature from the viewpoint of your own experience and/or research, and (3) the development of your own stance, based on your literature review and your own experience/research. Considering the range of possible topics, there is no template for developing an argument, but the following steps may help.

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Note that therewould never be a hyphen if the same phrase were used thenoun it modifies, because in that case there would be absolutely nochance of ambiguity: "a learner of the English language" (NEVER"a learner of the English-language"; the hyphen effectively turns thenoun phrase "English language" into an adjective, and a prepositionalphrase starting with "of the" must be completed with a noun, not anadjective).

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Academic study is always based on the thorough analysis of previous work in the discipline, and your argument in your assignment/dissertation will build on what other authors have previously written. As a student, you will often feel that other experts in the discipline have expressed their ideas in a way that you cannot match. You need to decide whether to paraphrase or to quote these authors directly (see 4.4.). In any case, you must make it absolutely clear through referencing where the ideas come from. You will have to sign a Cover Sheet with a plagiarism statement for your assignments/dissertation to make sure that all your sources are acknowledged.

Purpose of the Thesis Statement.

For example, the phrase "English language learners" aswritten means "language learners from England", because, by default,"language" modifies "learners", and "English" modifies "languagelearners".