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They talked of the revelation speaking of barley for mild drinks and considered whether beer that was intoxicating would be considered a mild drink. They felt it needed serious thought and wondered if they had an extreme view of the word of the Lord. They considered German beer very light and mild, which would not intoxicate, whereas American beer was much stronger and would cause drunkenness. Eventually, they agreed Danish beer was not harmful or in violation of the Word of Wisdom and released an official statement to that effect. No revelation appears to have sought in clarification of the Lord's desires for His people. They just chose what it meant to them at that time. On 14 April 1904, the First Presidency and apostles also decided to resume the sale of liquor at Saltair due to the need for non-Mormon patronage.

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Since it became illegal in 1967, there have been questions of whether or not it is good for purposes, such as medicine, other than being a leisure drug....

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The Word of Wisdom is selectively adhered to by the majority of LDS faithful, for example eating meat sparingly, in times of famine and winter is rarely followed. Meat is served at nearly every church function regardless of season. Some of the advice has not been shown by science to be of any type of health benefit, while others have been disproven. As a health code, the Word of Wisdom is incomplete and does not address most good practices one must follow in order to maintain a healthy body, and is even at odds with modern science when it comes to drinking wine in moderation. Joseph Smith himself did not always keep the Word of Wisdom, nor did a majority of the church members at the time Joseph Smith was alive. The Word of Wisdom has been repeatedly interpreted in different ways since it was first introduced to the body of the church, leading to a great deal of confusion among the members. For example, the text specifically forbids "hot drinks" and yet only certain hot drinks are disallowed. In a similar fashion, most of the tenets contained in the Word of Wisdom are unclear, leaving the members to speculate and debate the finer points of the law. Also, those elements of the WOW that are true, were known long before Joseph received the WOW revelation.

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Everyone keeping up with the news will have heard about Sen. McCain’s diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This is not good news at all; GBM is a very aggressive tumor type for which treatment options are poor. The contrast to ex-President Jimmy Carter’s brain cancer experience is stark, and many people outside the biomedical field must be wondering why the two are so different.

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-Examine the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease. What theories have been developed to explain the probable causes of AD? What new developments have taken place in treatment? What is the outlook for further developments in this field?

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Emma's original problem with tobacco seems to be the only part of the Word of Wisdom that Smith actually got right. Smoking clearly is not such a good idea. Tobacco has recently been used in experiments regarding cancer treatment, so; who knows, perhaps a good use for it may yet surface. Just not the ones Joseph Smith claimed it should be used for. Smith's revelation stated and Brigham Young affirmed that tobacco was to be used for bruises and sick cattle. To this day, no one has a clue as to what use regarding sick cattle tobacco should be put. How it should be administered to cattle, in what dosage, internally or externally and for what actual sickness, remains a mystery. [MormonThink editor comment: tobacco has at times been used to treat intestinal ]

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Although believing members herald the WOW as modern revelation unique to Latter-day Saints, the disdain for alcohol by many religious groups preceded the WOW so the LDS church cannot take credit for bringing forth anything unique. Although the WOW has some good advice, the church cannot claim these are revolutionary ideas never known before Joseph presented them before the church. Various temperance organizations were formed before the church adopted the WOW as discussed here: