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Photosynthesis Process that plants use to convert light energy (energy from the sun) into sugar that the plant can use as fuel
Uses up water and carbon dioxide and produces sugar and oxygen Chloroplasts are small sections of a plant cell that contain chlorophyll
Chlorophyll is where photosynthesis occurs, and is what makes plants green Produces the oxygen we breathe
Produces the sugars plants need for energy, which in turn provides animals with energy when they eat those plants
Removes the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere Overview of the Electromagnetic (Light) Spectrum An "electron shell" is like a bubble around the nucleus of the atom that can contain only a certain number of electrons.
Electrons are "happiest" (at their lowest energy) when they are paired
You can tell how reactive an atom is depending on how many unpaired electron it has in its electron shell
(see electron shell powerpoint_ The number of protons in the nucleus determines which element an atom is.
Example: an atom with 8 protons will always be an oxygen atom
A hydrogen ion (H+, or a hydrogen without its electron) is also referred to as a proton note: nm = nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter this is how much of the spectrum the human eye can see!

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It decomposes into the water vaporand the carbon dioxide that the plant initially used in growingduring photosynthesis.More interesting is that the ENERGY which had been captured duringphotosynthesis is STILL THERE!

Chart comparing photosynthesis to respiration--this …

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