3 Minute Thesis Competition 2016

At the conclusion of this subject, the student is responsible for appropriate analysis and critical evaluation of the data or information obtained and presentation of their findings in a formal report, written in the style of a scientific manuscript. If a project that extends into Advanced Research Project 4 is proposed, a manuscript-style report is still required at the conclusion of Advanced Research Project 3. Students also give a three-minute research presentation of their work, in the style of a three-minute thesis presentation.1

Three Minute Thesis Final 2013 - The 3MT® is a research communication competition

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It will be great to meet everyone next year

Date: 3/17/95Can standard TEM images normal to the axis of the nanotube determineunambiguously the cross sectional shape of tubes (i.e.

If the presence of picric acid in the
slides should hamper subsequent staining (a rare occurrence, btw), then
the easiest and expeditious way to get rid of it is to pretend your tissue
was fixed with a sublimate containing fluid: at the rehydration step, your
slides should undergo treatment by alcoholic iodine (or lugol solution) and
sodium thiosulfate in the usual way and 'voila': no more picric acid on the
slides within 2 minutes!
Under no circumstances should the pieces of tissue fixed with a picric
acid containing fixative undergo rinsing in water!

ACU is a publicly funded university with six campuses

are the only one presently that has that capability for now and others will
follow soon.

* Very high signal to noise } 62dB at .5 lux at 30fps/ real time
* Frame transfer 1/2" format sensor with 755 horizontal by 484 vertical
pixels, or 565 TV lines horizontal by 350 TV lines vertical resolution.
* The only upgradable research camera with the researchers funding
limitations in mind using the same high quality sensor on all 3 models.