Legal Status of Eastern Greenland, Denmark v

Ruud and Stepanov [p. 208] tell of how, on May 14, 1921, an article appeared in () linking Rachkovsky to the Protocols. The French author was the Count , who claimed he was a guest of Nilus in 1909 and saw in his home a French language manuscript of the Protocols written in several hands and having a blue ink blotch on its first page. Du Chayla claims Nilus told him he'd received the manuscript from a Paris resident named "Madame K", whose source was Rachkovsky. In (L. Fry), there is information about du Chayla's character from a Russian lady named Tatiana Fermor, who was prompted to respond to his articles that supposedly refuted the Protocols. Fermor met du Chayla on her estate in the then White Russia, in a village near Moguileff, and du Chayla was purportedly a devotee of Russian Orthodoxy. "Beautifully sculptured angels in the Renaissance style were removed from the chapel" of the local monastery. In the opinion of du Chayla, they were "too Catholic", and he smashed them with a hammer. He exhibited a hatred for Jews, and often told Fermor that "One must have a good pogrom in Russia". So Fermor was astonished to see that du Chayla had come out against the Protocols, so-called propaganda that was supposed to stir up hatred against the Jews. Du Chayla had also praised the books of Édouard Drumont, who'd worked to expose how the Jews had taken control of France, and yet by 1921, du Chayla was attacking Drumont! Du Chayla was also arrested for espionage, and eventually in 1919 du Chayla was tried by court martial and convicted of seditious activities in the pay of the Soviets.

April 30 is the 120th day of the year (121st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar

"He received us with true contentment" - writes in his diary ex-adjutant of Kosciuszko and the head of the brigade of the Danube, General Fisher, on his return to Warsaw and visited the Prince in Jablonna.

There are 245 days remaining until the end of the year

Son of the writer Jan Chodzko; from 1841 to 1842, he stayed in Greece, in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Garran de Coulon was certainly partly responsible for the assassinations of the Prevot des Marchands and the Intendant de Paris, and now he is given the task of rendering a legal opinion on the question of whether those in authority in JULY (1789) were guilty'.

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I was determined to see it fall, and in spite of the danger of being shot at any moment, I lived in Moscow till March 1919 (to November 1917!), when I was forced to leave through lack of food.

Edgar Allan Poe: visionary of big bang cosmology

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Poland's role in the Promethean process was marked by the conclusion of a Polish-Ukrainian political and military alliance (the Warsaw Agreement, April 1920) with Symon Petlura's Ukrainian People's Republic, Piłsudski's expedition to Kiev (begun April 25, 1920), the designation (February 1919) of Bohdan Kutylowski as Polish minister to the Ukrainian People's Republic, the accreditation of a Polish minister to Caucasus, the naming of a military mission to Caucasus, and the Crimean Republic's motion at the League of Nations (May 17, 1920) that Crimea be made a protectorate of Poland.

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Soon Olga met the Crown Prince Alexander - young people are often seen in the palace, dancing on shiny balls and masquerades; Olga became the first lover of Alexander Nikolayevich Romanov.